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Naturopathic Primary Care

Our doctors function as the primary care providers (PCP) for the majority of our patients. Other patients come to Optimal Health Center for a specific concern. In either case, we provide care for a number of medical issues such as colds, flu, infections, minor injuries, hormone imbalance, aches, pains, and general medical advice.

We use standard diagnostic laboratory tests, such as blood and saliva panels, alongside medical imaging to better understand a patient’s condition. Additionally, we use a host of specialized tests, like food allergy, heavy metals, and micronutrient analysis, to address the root cause of any condition.

Our focus is on using non-pharmaceutical and least-invasive methodologies. However, with our integrative approach, we will prescribe pharmaceutical medications or recommend surgery when that is the best treatment for any given health condition. We work cooperatively with conventional medical practitioners and will provide referrals whenever appropriate.

Preventative Medicine

Aligning with the core values of naturopathic medicine, Optimal Health Center prioritizes prevention as a top health goal. Keeping the body healthy reduces the chances that illness and disease will manifest.

Although maintaining balance and harmony in the body’s systems does take work, routine check-ups with your doctor, healthy eating, regular exercise, and other wholesome habits can lower your risk for many of the most common health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Frequent, honest, and thorough communication with your naturopathic doctor is an important part of stopping illness before it starts and achieving your health objectives.

We want to empower you to take responsibility for your health by helping you develop the skills, insights, and patterns that allow you to enjoy life to the full. Our doctors will spend quality time with you each time you come in, making the effort to understand your concerns and educate you about all your options. Optimal Health Center partners with you for the long term, helping you manage your health wisely to minimize chronic conditions and maximize your quality of life.

Treatment for Chronic Illness

Many patients come to Optimal Health Center after years of unsuccessful treatment for a chronic condition. They may feel like they have run out of options and usually feel hopeless or defeated. Others feel that adding natural therapies to their current treatment plan will boost their resilience or offset the side effects of medically necessary pharmaceuticals. Regardless of the situation, we offer advanced holistic approaches for ongoing medical care, customizing treatment options based on each patient’s symptoms, lifestyle, and preferences.

Whether you have chronic pain, hormone imbalance, high blood pressure, arthritis, or another long-term condition, we want to treat the root cause of your illness, not just manage the symptoms. We will utilize the most advanced medical techniques available, including coordinating care with your other health care providers when in your best interest. Our doctors are committed to finding a solution that works for you individually.

What to Expect

New Patient Appointment

The New Patient Appointment usually takes 60 minutes, during which time your doctor will capture your complete medical history with a comprehensive medical intake and identify patterns in your health. She will perform all physical exams and schedule any necessary diagnostic testing or imaging at this time.

At the conclusion of this visit, you will receive an individualized treatment plan. Your doctor will also recommend timeframes for return visits, usually about every four to six weeks depending on your condition.

Before you arrive for your New Patient Appointment, please complete the New Patient Paperwork and bring it with you. This will help your doctor tailor the treatment plan to your specific situation and save you time filling out forms at the office.

Treatment Plans

Most treatment plans involve supplementation, dietary changes, and lifestyle adjustments. The goal, however, is to create a plan in partnership with you, the patient, so it can be one that you will commit to and truly follow. Our doctors believe in meeting patients where they are at currently, suggesting changes only at a speed and intensity that the patients feel is doable.

Treatment plans are also adjustable, meaning they can adapt to whatever circumstances may arise in your life. For example, if you are making progress quicker than anticipated, your doctor will reevaluate the plan, cutting back on certain supplements or putting more time between check-ups.

It is important to remember throughout the treatment plan that the end goal is rebuilding your body back to health by supporting its own natural processes. At times, this approach can take longer than pharmaceutical intervention, but the effects are longer lasting and address the root health problem. We encourage you to be patient with your body as you heal, rejuvenate, and journey down a path of lasting wellness.