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"I've enjoyed every interaction with Optimal Health Center; from the front desk's upbeat attitude, to Dr. Sinsheimer's encouraging, insightful, knowledgeable advice; to Dr. Needles' email tips and gentle exams."

-Sandi M. 

“Doctor Sinsheimer has helped me battle several health challenges, adrenal fatigue and digestive issues in particular, when the options from conventional medicine weren’t working. I was immediately impressed with the amount of dedicated time and individual attention she devoted to understanding my specific health profile. She never questioned the legitimacy of my symptoms or tried to simply mask them with the latest prescription drug. I experienced more relief from my conditions in just three months of treatment with Doctor Sinsheimer than I did after three years of working with my primary care physician. I tell everyone I know about naturopathic medicine in general and about Doctor Sinsheimer specifically.”

-Jessica S.

“I was chronically fatigued, so Doctor Sinsheimer suggested a blood analysis. The test showed I was
low in vitamin B. Doctor Sinsheimer suggested that I take a vitamin B supplement, and when I did, I felt much better. I am now more alert and have increased vitality. Doctor Sinsheimer knew what to test for and how to treat me to improve my quality of life.”
-Frank B.

“I sought treatment from Doctor Sinsheimer following an acute episode of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I had had similar symptoms all my life but did not know what triggered them. She identified three foods that I have a high gastrointestinal sensitivity to, and she also prescribed daily probiotics and anti-inflammatory herbs. It has been one-and-a-half years since that episode. I rarely have an IBS event now, but when they do occur, the anti-inflammatory herbs settle everything down. I am fortunate to be under Doctor Sinsheimer’s care. My health has very much improved.”
-Sue A.

“Naturopathic medicine has helped with my overall health patterns. Not only has my skin condition improved, Doctor Sinsheimer educated me about the root causes of the issue. I am now able to be more proactive in my decisions concerning my health.”
-Sherrie M.

“Dr. Shannon is so excellent at what she does- she is knowledgeable, friendly and takes her time to explain everything. I give her 5 stars!"
- Anna R.

“The ethics of her office was superb, I was satisfied from the phone call when I made the appointment, to the office visit, the exiting of the office and the entire visit was a 6 star! I was treated with compassion, respect and the most significant amount of understanding that I have ever experienced."
- Jana L.

"Dr. Shannon is so excellent at what she does- she is knowledgeable, friendly and takes her time to explain everything. I give her 5 stars!"